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φ3x6 suit single
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Release date:2017-10-20 16:10:38
Yuyao Dongfang cutting tool factory is located in the economically developed Yao North town --- Simen. East of Ningbo, west of Hangzhou, the location and convenient transportation. I plant the strength of advanced facilities, with more than 30 years of carbide rotary file (tungsten steel grinding head) production experience, is the first production of carbide cutting tools, one of the manufacturers. I plant the production of "Spike" brand carbide rotary file, in accordance with "GB-9206-9217-88" design and manufacturing. Product specifications complete, high quality, best-selling products, exported to Eastern Europe, the United States, Asia and other countries and regions, by the majority of customers pro-Lai. We are the factory sales office, located in Dongguan, Guangdong, excellent geographical advantages and economic environment is our office external conditions, and our staff, in a win-win concept, try to give customers the best price and service, we are willing to sea Friends of both inside and outside to build friendly cooperation for a better future.
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φ3x6 set single and double Close
  • φ3x6 suit single
    φ3x6 suit single
  • φ3x6 set single and double
    φ3x6 set single and double


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