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Dormer Pramet adds a series of revolving files

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This is the first time that the rotary file is classified into the Duma product brand, the complete design and knife series, including the cylindrical straight handle the ball, with a pointed tree, oval, divergent, 60 ° and 90 ° counterbore, Cone series.
The profile of the revolving file is part of a number of products released on April 1, 2015 - this is the first time since the merger of Duo Ma and Prattitre last year.
Thomas's rotary file offers a wide range of options for machining a range of materials, including hardened steel, nonferrous metals and plastic products.
It produces a carbide tip and a steel handle (greater than 6mm) to provide an ideal combination of stiffness and strength. This feature reduces vibration, resulting in consistent and safe performance, and improved tool life.
Duo Ma rotary file produced with double-cut design to improve and facilitate manipulation, increase the metal removal rate and workpiece iron control.
At the same time, the tip and slot type cooperate to skip the blade grinding to improve the cutting action close to the center, reducing cutting clogging and increasing the strength.
In addition, aluminum cutting selection makes non-ferrous metals and plastics preferred. The high helix angle provides a quick material removal rate for large tank volumes.
Duo Ma Rotating Files Existing TiAlN Coatings Increase tool life processing in difficult conditions and help against BUE, usually used for cutting tool blades.
For more information about Dolma's overall rotation file please visit: or contact your local sales office.
Thomas is Dormer Pramet. Product brand.


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