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Zhejiang Jialai tool factory to obtain the amount of cutting tool category "innovative enterprise" award

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By the China Machine Tool Business Network and Zhejiang prosperous Po Ming Tong Network Co., Ltd. jointly organized by the "2015 most concerned about the top ten machine tool enterprise selection" event ended successfully. This event embodies the new generation of media for data mining in order to achieve precision marketing and value of the individuality of the ability to focus on the Internet marketing come to the fore, set the Internet era under the machine model.
The selection activities for the machine tool industry to collect corporate registration, and ultimately from the metal cutting machine tools, forging machine tools, EDM line cutting, engraving machine, machine tool accessories, the amount of cutting tools, industrial robots seven categories, according to corporate website Baidu search rankings, Enterprise website user experience, keyword search rankings, enterprise network attention and other indicators comprehensive selection of "the most concerned about the top ten machine tool business." With the successful completion of the selection activities, seven categories of top ten list of enterprises announced. Warmly congratulate Zhejiang Jialai Tools Factory for the Innovation Enterprise Award for the category of cutting tools.
Zhejiang Jialai Tools Factory is located in Wenling, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. It is a high-tech enterprise approved by the relevant state departments. It has been engaged in the development of tools such as rapid drilling and so on. It has accumulated rich experience in design and manufacturing, engaged professional engineers and equipped with Corresponding advanced equipment.
Tirelessly, excellence. In the future, giant sea tools will be committed to manufacturing customers excellent cost-effective, first-class processing performance of the products and provide quality and attentive service. At the same time, giant sea tools will continue to innovate, accelerate the production of research and development of high-grade machine shield, and constantly promote the steady development of the manufacturing industry. Look forward to giant sea tools in the fierce market continue to break through, create greater glory!
Innovation is a business survival and development of the soul, only continuous innovation, enterprises can better and faster development, in the fierce competition in an invincible position. Giant sea tools with a first-class innovation and excellent technical talent, continue to develop a variety of new products and new technologies. In the selection rules, the giant sea tool innovation ability of this score far more than the same category of other enterprises, access to innovative business award worthy of a well-deserved. In the future, giant sea tools will be better, innovative, "Made in China" towards "China to create" contribution. Once again congratulate the giant sea tools to win the Innovation Enterprise Award!




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