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2015 Top Ten Enterprise Selection Activities

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By the China Machine Tool Business Network and Zhejiang prosperous Po Ming Tong Network Co., Ltd. jointly organized by the "2015 most concerned about the top ten machine tool enterprise selection" event ended successfully. This event embodies the new generation of media for data mining in order to achieve precision marketing and value of the individuality of the ability to focus on the Internet marketing come to the fore, set the Internet era under the machine model.
The selection of activities for the machine tool industry to collect corporate registration, through the enterprise network of public information inquiries, registration information, etc., selected at least 140 candidate companies and activities on the page display, categories related to metal cutting machine tools, forging machine, EDM line Cutting, engraving machine, machine tool accessories, the amount of cutting tools and industrial robots. With the successful conclusion of the selection activities, seven top ten enterprises have been settled.
Taizhou Colin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., Taizhou Collett Tools Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Beigong Tools Co., Ltd., Wenling Yongxin Tools Co., Ltd. Taizhou Hongtai Tools Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jialai Tools Co., Ltd., Taizhou Hongfa CNC Tool Co., Ltd., Wenling City, based on machine tool accessories Co., Ltd., Taizhou Baxter Tools Co., Ltd.


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